Tuesday, December 9, 2008

First Post!

There. I've done it. It needs never be done again.

If you've wandered here for the first time, let me explain a little what I intend to go on here. My intent is to use this medium as a means to self-publish those things I think about whilst staring off into the middle distance. They may focus on philosophy, psychology, current events, cooking, magick or whatever else occurs to me.

Some general principles:

1) This is not for keeping up with my life, nor for executing interpersonal drama. Intra personal, maybe at times. If executed properly, readers will find very little detail here about the author, or what's going on in my life. That's what e-mail is for.

2) This is my blog. All enteries are copyright Draconis Argentus, dated to the date stamp on the entry. You will ask my permission to use any material posted, and I pledge not to use anyone else's, except in link form. Any comments are mine to discard or edit as I see fit. Any whining will leave me greatly displeased. I'm a stong believer in free speach, but this is my soapbox.

3) Subjects are at my whim. Expect anything, and expect nothing.

4) I use polysyllabic and other big words. The OED is your friend.

5) "Et in Arcadia Ego" is the caption of Les bergers d'Arcadie by Nicholas Poussin. The painting depicts four shepards standing in various poses around a stone sepulchure. The phrase in Latin means either "I am also in Arcadia", a reference to the idea that death as a concept occurs in even the most pastoral and idyllic realms. Or it means "And in Arcadia I _______", lacking a verb. This interpretation is used by Baigent, Leigh, and Lincoln to imply a number of other things. Read Holy Blood, Holy Grail for details.

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