Monday, March 30, 2009

The Seven Deadly Sins of the Information Age

1. Confirmation bias

2. Selection bias

3. Correlation without causation

4. Argumentum vox populi

4a. Argumentum vox non populi

5. Argumentum ad hominum

6. Confirming the consequent

7. Fallacy of the temporary name

Googlebombing for a cause: 


phaedrus said...

What is the "Fallacy of the temporary name"?

Also, is Argumentum vox non populi basically "No one thinks that so it must be wrong?"

Isn't that basically just Argumentum vox populi? "Everyone thinks its not like that, so it isn't like that."

Lord Carnifex said...

'Argumentum vox populi' is 'arguement by the voice of the people. This is an informal fallacy that asserts "If everyone says something is true, then it must be true."
'Argumentum vox non populi' would be it's inverse. It would be the arguement that something is true simply because no one else has said so. It's the informal fallacy dear to people or groups that feel they alone possess a secret truth, and that it wouldn't be true if everyone asserted it. A sort of argumentation from "Everyone likes it now, so it sucks."