Monday, April 6, 2009

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U.S. Federal government disbelieves that noted cyberpunk author Bruce Stirling is married properly. He and his wife Jasmine Tesanovic apparently haven't left enough of a paper trail. They do everything online. Here we have a case of an identity crisis: the biological and psychological identities involved are held to not correspond to the dead-tree informational ones.

It's also a demonstration that the glacially slow mechanisms of traditional government can't comprehend that modern, internet-based living doesn't need them or their antiquated concept of national borders and government approval of life choices. It's evidence also that the government doesn't understand the internet and the culture it has empowered enough to actually control or manage it intelligently. This should be a cautionary tale for any government beurecrat.

Let's all close our eyes, grab a Bruce Stirling book and repeat one of the cyberpunk mantras: "The future is portable, disposable, and transcends any sense of place."

Googlebombing for a cause: 

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Anonymous said...

Where is the signed Los Angeles Marriage certificate in all this? I can understand the lack of understanding by 'government' with electronic relationships, but it does look like they had a PAPER document in that certificate.
Of course, just having the document and none of the other usual trappings of marriage does make it look like a 'green card' marriage. Sad that the document is not enough. What does that say about official documentation?
That said, I do sympathize with the couple.