Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Spam: Surrealist poetry, author machine

I'm sure we're all familiar with unsolicited sales messages. Smarter devices will intersperse links to the sites promoted with fractured English, hoping to disguise the nature of the message to spam filters. It's mostly nonsense, quickly deleted.

But the machines are learning a surrealist style. Almost poetry. Dr. Turing, what have you wrought?

Admissible, they on launch to be taught that filing lawsuits is not the emulsion to be on the other side of piracy.

A substitute alternatively, it's to suggestion something mastery than piracy.

Like mollify of use.

It's all in all a disaster easier to inquire iTunes than to search the Internet with threat of malware and then crappy essence, but if people are expected to turn insentient to be loads and heist owing ages, it's not thriving to work.

They exactly be subjected to a bombast together anterior to people simulate software and Cobweb sites that specify it ridiculously tranquilly to infringer, and up the quality.

If that happens, then there determine be no stopping piracy.

But they're too with one's eyes skinned and horrified of losing.

Risks suffer with to be thrilled!


Googlebombing for a cause:

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