Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Origin of the Platypus

It's 23:47.  It's late, and the design and coding team is exhausted, strung out on too much caffeine, and a little punchy.  Too many hours, too little food, and everyone's snapping at each other.  But the Day 4 deliverables are almost done, and everyone's looking forward to getting a little downtime before the start of a fifth, gruelling, full day.  The only consolation is, if they get everything done on time, they'll get a full day off.

Then the project lead slaps himself on the forehead.  "We forgot Australia!"  Oh, sh-.  And we were almost done.

No time to do it right.  Slap some tag-ends of code together, and give it a quick run-through to see if there are any flaws.  Do a thorough debugging? Nah, if it works, post it and fix any problems in the first patch.  But, as a bit of black humor, the design team makes everything deadly poisonous.

And so the world got the platypus.

Googlebombing for a cause:

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