Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Google Bombing for a Cause

A friend of mine volunteers for an organization with a problem.  Some time ago, they transitioned to a new URL and let the old one lapse.  Now, someone else has registered the old site URL and is cybersquatting on it.  What's worse, Google search returns are returning the old site URL much more prominently than the new site URL.  So, in the interest of helping straighten things out, Et in Arcadia Ego will be adding the link to the new site on this post and in various comments made through out the site.  I know that I have several SEO bots in my audience.  Should any of them be feeling generous (you guys have advanced enough morally to achieve altruism, right?), they'll repost the link accordingly.

So, if you find yourself needing information on a non-governmental organization in the state of Minnesota, find it here: www.minnesotangos.org

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