Saturday, February 6, 2010

A note to 'truth' commenters

To the anonymous commenter posting about the role of hypothetical earthquake technology in the recent Haitian earthquake, with ties to HAARP and other things.

1) Quite frankly, as far as Et in Arcadia Ego is concerned, Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, or anyone consistently appearing on either one's program is not considered a credible source (including Benjamin Fulford) without *extraordinary* evidence that can be independently verified and examined. So don't bother.

2) HAARP as superweapon, Chemtrails, 9/11 truth, no plane theories, the New World Order, vaccine poisons etc. are all a part of my day job. If you've heard the theory, so have I. Unless you have something new to add, or want to talk about the interplay of conspiracy theory, urban legend and modern myth as aspects of the study of semiotics, mythology, and cultural unconsciousness, don't bother commenting. Simple mockingbird-like repetitions of legends will be deleted unless they're particularily novel, interesting, or add something to a meta-level critique.

3) Despite what Alex Jones may imply, mindless spamming is not an effective means of communicating your worldview. The rest of us just switch you off, edit you out, and disregard you. If you really want to communicate effectively, be on topic, in a forum open to such discussion. Argue intelligently, concisely, and avoid using the term "sheeple". Back up your assertions with *facts* that are independently verifiable, investigatable, and falsifiable. Avoid common logical fallicies. Show an understanding of your subject matter, be ready to back up your claims on the spot without reference to other "truther" videos, websites, and media that have not been accepted as credible sources by all concerned.

Googlebombing for a cause: 

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Lord Carnifex said...

Oh, and one more thing:

Let's all say it together...

"HAARP does not work that way!" Go with the offshore oil drilling causing pressure changes on the fault line nearby. That's much more creditable,