Monday, July 4, 2011

I like to see you smile

If I were prone to bad poetry
and giving in to tired cliche
I would say that one of your smiles
could light the city
for a thousand nights and a night
Good thing, then
that I'm not prone to bad poetry
Especially in free verse.


When joy comes upon her,
her smile flashes into light
Like Columbia at dawn
Or Trinity in desert night.


The most incredible thing
is the animation of her face,
the depth of her eyes,
the purity of her expression.
Enough to wipe my mind
of anything I might say.

When she sardonically pretends to think
to highlight the irony of the world
her mouth turns into a pout
that shatters my breath.
Sweet agony.

But it is her smile,
like a glimpse of salvation.
It begins quietly, a small turning up.
Sweeter anticipation. 

A staring into an endless horizon
a promise of hope
the breath of 'fiat' in 'fiat lux'.

Then the anticipation breaks.
And all that is... light.


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Anonymous said...

Why are you writing bad poetry?

I happen to like that last bit. He does write some bad stuff, but that ain't it.

Lord Carnifex said...
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