Tuesday, December 8, 2009

And Uzzah Spake,

saying, "Zarathustra was too timid. Having killed his God, he hoped to remake Him in the form of the Uebermensch. Uzzah shall do better, killing and re-killing his gods until they stay dead and he himself becomes one."

"It is said that to destroy is easier than to create. To do both with equal facility is the provence of the gods. This is a first step to apotheosis. Knowing when to do so: that is another."

"The gods create and destroy - like a child at play."

"Fear those among men who have this power of creation and destruction at a whim: the poet, the dreamer, the scholar, and the philosopher. Their worlds cannot be conquered but by their equals."

"Until one can create what one has brought down, one should hesitate to destroy. When the grass is mowed, weeds grow in the absence. Yet weeds are hardier."

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Teachings of Uzzah, the Oxdriver

And Uzzah spake, saying "This shalt be the new golden rule, 'do unto others as one would have one's gods do unto thee.'

"Act always as though one were the equal of one's gods.

"Love one's gods with all thy heart and all thy soul, and love one's neighbors likewise. Love as one's gods love: without pity and without remorse.

"fidelis vs. fides. The one is constancy to another. The other is constancy to oneself.

"Love of truth, love of justice, love of beauty, love of fides: this is love for all mankind. Hatred of mercy, hatred of remorse, hatred of guilt and shame, hatred of all uncomfortable comforts and comforting discomforts: this is love of all mankind as well.

"Thy path is one of thy apotheosis, and the apotheosis of all those one loves: universal apotheosis.

"Milton wrote 'the mind can make of Hell a Heaven, and a Heaven of Hell.' The first fall of man is the first ascension of man.

"It is written 'The Second Coming of Christ is the coming of a second Christ; the Christ of a new aeon is the Anti-Christ of the old.' The goal of every one is to make of himself his own Anti-Christ, and so his own Christ.
The three laws of Thelema: "Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Every man and woman is a star. Love is the law, love under will." The Christians always seem to forget the second two.

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