Et in Arcadia Ei

Uzzah the Driver who deserved better.

Guru Tegh Bahadur 9th guru of the Sikhs.  Gave himself up to the Mughal emperor to be tortured and executed on behalf of a community of Kashmiri Pandits (who were Hindu, not Sikh).  One of the few religious leaders in history to be martyred in the cause of an entirely different religion.

Thích Quảng Đức  The first of the Buddhist monks of Vietnam to submit to self-immolation in order to protest the Vietnam war.

Sokrates The wisest man in Greece, who knew that he knew nothing.  Died not thinking he had answers, but believing he had only questions.

Friedrich Nietzsche Announced the death of God, and thus the myth of an inherent meaning to the universe.  In so doing, freed philosophy to find meaning wherever it will.  In the process, laid the groundwork for the modern social sciences.

Akilles Who exemplified being a paragon of only one virtue.  One who was not extraordinary in an ordinary realm, but ordinarily in an extaordianry realm.

Temujin Before a task is started, see to it that it will be well done.  The most skilled strategist is the one for whom the battle is never in doubt, just as the most skilled physician is the one whose patients are never ill.

Terry Pratchett A modern prophet for a secular age.

Francis of Assissi Who preached to crows.

Umberto Eco Write what you know.

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