Tuesday, October 18, 2011


To be added to the neo-logisms page:

Public school girls' disease (PSGD): The sad pathology of our culture wherein young women are trained to hide their intelligence, creativity, and critical thinking skills for the illusion that boys will like them that way.  While many cases can be cured by exposure to higher education, too many bright minds are lost each year.  We need to act now to stop the spread of this disease.

And any young men reading this?  Smart girls are sexy.  Learn this now.

(and smart girls in lab coats?  Very sexy.)

Googlebombing for a cause: www.minnesotangos.org


Anonymous said...

There must be a Big Pharma cure for it....or an app.

Lord Carnifex said...

History suggests the best cure for a sick society is a sudden influx of Goths.

As for providing positive reinforcement for every successful social interaction, I think Twitter doessome of that...