Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Buncha' Monkeys!

The system of biological taxonomy to which I ascribe is essentially an evolutionary one. I believe h. sapiens sapiens is most closely related to the chimpanzee, the pigmy chimpanzee, and the gorilla. When it comes to attributes like hand-eye coordination, spatial visualization, and reaction time, we're pretty comprable to our primate cousins; better in some areas, poorer in others. Staying calm in rapidly evolving situations and avoiding panic in the face of danger are other areas where we match pretty well with the other apes. We're essentially overgrown, bald chimpanzees.

So why, oh why, are we trusted with automobiles? Two-ton death machines being driven around a mile a minute by apes? Whose idea was that? And yet I trust my life and my safety to a buncha' monkeys.

Happy driving!


Googlebombing for a cause: www.minnesotangos.org

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