Saturday, May 28, 2011

An Insomniac's Advice

I've found something over the last couple of months that helps with bed time anxiety. If you're the type who has difficulty falling asleep because you lie awake at night worrying about things, I've found something that helps me. I'll set my computer up to play one or two or a disc's worth of a television show. Then I'll turn the screen so it points away from the bed. Turn the volume down very low; just loud enough that the dialogue can be followed if you concentrate a little.

I find that following the story through the dialogue holds just enough of my attention so that my mind doesn't wander off onto trains of thought that lead to anxiety. However, it's not loud enough to keep me awake once I start to drift off. Nor is it white noise or random noise that's meaningless and uninteresting.

I find that, to work well, the show ought to be something easily followed through dialogue. I'd avoid shows that indulge in loud noises: sirens, car chases, or explosions can draw too much attention. I like [U]The West Wing[/U]. It's dialogue heavy, not prone to startling noises, and you don't need the visuals to follow the story.


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